Care instructions for baby carrier and sling

You can wash our baby carrier or sling in the washing machine on a hand or delicate cycle, at a maximum of 30 degrees and a low spin speed. As a detergent, we recommend using gentle detergents that do not contain any optical brighteners or aggressive substances. Wash separately! It is best to use color catchers the first time. Do not tumble dry, do not use bleach. Do not let dry in direct sunlight as it may cause fading. We recommend washing the baby carrier or sling before the first long-term use. However, avoid washing too often and rather remove individual stains by hand with warm water, as washing too frequently can lead to excessive material stress. Check the stretcher for damage, especially after each wash. The Velcro fastener on the hip belt must be covered by the back part when washing (pull out the bridge to the entire width) so that the adhesion does not wear off. Close buckles for washing and storage. Please do not iron over Velcro, webbing or buckles!

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