Here in our FAQ you will find a selection of the questions that we are asked most frequently.

When can I start carrying my baby in the Fräulein Hübsch babycarriers?

The Fräulein Hübsch babycarriers in the size babysize fit from a weight of 3.5 kg and at least 50 cm height. The toddler size fits from size 74.

How long can I carry my baby in a Fräulein Hübsch babycarrier?

You can carry your baby in our babycarriers as long as you and your baby want to. Babies will usually make it known if they don’t want to be carried any longer, and you will know yourself when it has been enough for you.

Does my baby get enough air in the carrier?

If you make sure that the mouth and nasal passages of your child are unobstructed, and you babycarrier is tied tightly, then your baby is getting enough air. Your baby should not be in a slumped down position in the babycarrier. This would keep him from breathing freely.

Am I spoiling my child through carrying ?

No. You are fulfilling your child’s basic need for warmth and security. Physiologically, all babies are delivered prematurely. They are acutally supposed to stay in mummy’s womb another three months, but our species upright walk makes that impossible. The proximity between mother and child, especially in the first few month, is absolutely vital.

Can the babycarriers be worn by people of different heights?

Yes. Through the simple tying of shoulder straps, complicated adjustments to different heights are unnecessary. The lenght of the shoulder straps depents on where the knot is tied. No diffictult-to-operate buckles are needed! That applies to all our babycarriers.

I have read that carrying babies upright can be harmful to their spines. Is this true?

If your baby’s back is properly supported, and he is in the correct ‘froggy style position’, carrying your baby upright will support the correct development of your baby’s hip and spine.

My baby’s head does not stick out of the carrier. What can I do?

Your baby’s head should not be entirely covered by the backrest. If your baby cannot look out of the carrier, please wear the hip belt higher as described in the instructions (watch our YouTube videos). From a body height of approx. 50 cm, your baby should be tall enough to poke his nose out of the Fräulein Hübsch babycarrier.

The shoulderstraps sit too close to my baby’s heade. What can I do?

How far apart the shoulder straps are also depends on the shoulder width of the wearer. If the straps are too close to the baby’s head, first try to pull the cross of the shoulder straps (where the shoulder straps crossed on the back) further down by pulling them apart. This works best if you make sure to make the cross as low as possible when you tie it. In addition, you can tie off the shoulder straps at the base with the straps attached to the side, so that the straps are further away from your baby’s head.

Can I carry my baby in the baby carrier facing out front?

Please never carry your child face forward in Fräulein Hübsch’s baby carriers. It will force your baby into a hollow back posture and subject it to a range of stimuli that it is not yet able to cope with at this age. They also cannot make eye contact with you or see your face, which creates insecurity. If you feel like your baby wants to see more, carry them on your back or on your hip, which is perfectly possible after head control. Take a look at our videos on Youtube on the subject of backpacks.