Size Advice

You wonder what baby or toddler size means? Not sure which size is right for you? Or why we even offer our carriers in two sizes? Here you can find out everything you need to know!

Which size do I need for my baby?

The size of your carrier is best chosen according to the size of your baby, because our carriers can be easily adapted to the person carrying them. The length of the shoulder straps is determined by the knot with which they are closed and our hip belt fits up to 135 cm waist / hip circumference. If that is not enough, there is an additional extension. First of all, here are the hard facts:


Clothing size 50/56 – 80/86
Bridge width: 12 – 35 cm
Height of the back: 40 cm (plus 10 cm hip belt)
Age: 0 – 12/18 months


Clothing size 74/80 – 98/104
Bridge width: 18 – 44 cm
Height of the back: 46 cm (plus 10 cm hip belt)
Age: 9 – 36 months

The size specifications apply to the SoftTai, the Mei Tai and the WrapCon.

Why are the Fräulein Hübsch carriers offered in two sizes?

In the first three years of life, a baby is roughly twice as big and four to five times as heavy as it was when it was born. That is why there is hardly anything that fits really well from birth to kindergarten age, no item of clothing, no car seat, no stroller / buggy.

The main carrying period is usually in the first year of life and correct carrying is particularly important for babies under one year old, because the spine and hip development are not yet finished and the back muscles are not yet fully developed. Therefore, the backrest of the baby carrier has to close particularly tightly around the baby in order to be able to provide optimal support.

However, a baby carrier that fits until the end of the period, i.e. also a three-year-old child, must have a very large back section. This is far too much material for a newborn baby and therefore cannot provide good support. Since we at Fräulein Hübsch attach particular importance to healthy babywearing, we have therefore decided to produce the Fräulein Hübsch baby carriers in two sizes so that it always fits perfectly.

Since our carriers are made of high quality materials, they can be resold, passed on or simply kept for the next child at the end of the wearing period. We have seen many of our carriers which carried four or five children for an entire period and are still in very good condition.

I am not sure, which size would you recommend?

  • Your baby wears size 68 at the age of 3 month and you are wondering whether you should buy a toddler size? In this case, we still recommend the baby size, because your baby will not continue to grow as quickly and our toddler size only fits well from size 74 and about 6 months. Unless your baby is growing out of 68.

  • How long does the baby size fit anyway? In most cases, the baby size fits up to size 80/86. It always depends on the child’s proportions, e.g. the length of the thigh how long the carrier actually fits well. Therefore, our information can only be used as a guide.

  • Your baby is wearing size 74 and you are wondering whether you need to buy a toddler size? The baby size generally fits one size longer, so you don’t have to change immediately. Only from size 86 you should definitely switch to the next size, namely toddler size.

  • My baby has just been born, but I would like to use the carrier for a long time, can I buy a toddler size right away? We definitely advise against that. Especially at the beginning it is important that babies are well supported in a baby carrier and do not have to take on their own weight in order to avoid overstressing muscles and joints. A baby with size 56 is definitely not supported enough in a carrier that fits well from size 74. So please choose the right size for your newborn, namely the baby size.

Sizes for the sling

The length you need for our Fräulein Hübsch slings depends primarily on the method of wrapping used and, to a certain extent, on your body size and clothing size.

Method of wrappingup to clothing size 44from clothing size 46 on
wrap cross carrySize 6 (4,60 m)Size 7 (5,20 m)
kangaroo carrySize 4 (3,60 m)Size 5 (4,10 m)
rucksack carrySize 4 (3,60 m)Size 5 (4,10 m)
cross carrySize 5 (4,10 m)Size 6 (4,60 m)
double cross carrySize 6 (4,60 m)Size 7 (5,20 m)
hip kangaroo carrySize 4 (3,60 m)Size 5 (4,20 m)

Women with clothing size 34/36 or less can choose one size smaller.