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A baby carrier is one of the most sensible gifts for birth, baptism or Christmas. Babies are carried and every baby needs closeness and security, which their parents can give them by carrying them. In addition, a baby carrier is a huge relief in everyday life, especially in times when the baby needs intense closeness and attention. With a baby carrier, the baby gets the closeness it needs and the parents still have their hands free in everyday life.

You also want parents to be able to choose their own baby carrier? Then give a voucher from us! You are sure to be right with a baby carrier.

We always issue vouchers for the total amount, so if you want to give away a voucher worth 100 €, for example, please enter 10 for the number of items (10×10 € = 100 €).

Please let us know in the comment field whether you would like to receive the voucher by post or by email as a PDF. As a PDF by mail, there are of course no shipping costs, we will refund these if they are calculated and have already been paid.

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